The Preferred Card for Online Giving | The Debit Card

For those who choose to give an offering to our fellowship online, we recommend that a bank issued Master or Visa Debit Card be used. A Debit Card, financially, is a more prudent choice. Three benefits of Debit Card use with respect to online giving are as follows

You are paying “cash” and not using credit when a Debit Card is used.

You will not receive a monthly bill with applied interest when a Debit Card is used.

Your personal debt will not increase when a Debit Card is used.

Weekly Offerings & Special Offerings

  • Tithe

  • Building Fund

  • Scholarship

  • Public Offering

  • Ministry of Love

  • Other Offerigs

  • Church Anniversary

  • Family Day

  • Mission

  • Youth High $5

  • Women’s Ministry

  • Brotherhood

In-Person & Online Giving Options

Thank you for financially supporting our fellowship.
The Lord “…loves a cheerful giver.” (2 Corinthians 9:7)

Click on any of the tabs listed below to discover the available options to give.

You can place cash or checks in the offering envelope (found in the pew seat pockets) and drop your envelope into the designated offering buckets during any of the Sunday Worship services or Wednesday services. Please be sure to include your name, church member ID number and address on your check or envelope in order to receive credit for tax purposes.

PayPal Instructions

  1. Choose and click on the ministry button of your choice below.
  2. Fill in the TOTAL AMOUNT of your offering and click on UPDATE TOTAL.
  3. If you do not have a PayPal account proceed to the DON’T HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT section and click on CONTINUE.
  4. Fill in the appropriate DEBIT/CREDIT CARD AND PERSONAL information.
  5. Click on REVIEW DONATION AND CONTINUE. Review, make additional comments if needed, and click on DONATE NOW and you’re done!


(Please Note: If for any reason before the completion of your online transaction online you wish to return to the St. Paul BC online giving page, click on RETURN TO:   ST. PAUL BAPTIST CHURCH in lower left portion of the PayPal payment page)

Ministry of Love

Building Fund Special


Women’s Ministry


Special Events

Foreign Mission

Youth, High $5

Church Special Day

NBCA Donations




Building Fund

Marriage Ministry

  1. Select either the IOS or Android Download option
  2. Locate “St. Paul Baptist Church 75215”
  3. Tap the Give button
  4. Enter your giving amout
  5. Select an envelope
  6. Tap Give Now
  7. Create your account
  8. Enter payment information
  9. Complete your donation

Automatic Bill Pay through your bank is also great way to give regularly and consistently to St. Paul Baptist Church. Log-in to your online banking or contact your bank for instructions.

Mail your donation to St. Paul Baptist Church, P.O. Box 150366, Dallas, TX 75315. Be sure to include your name and address on your check or envelope so that donation credit may be provided for tax purposes.