Youth Fellowship Discipleship Ministry (YFDM)

Mission Statement:

To engage Children,Youth and Young-Adults in the encompassing love of God and of one another as they fulfill the mission of bringing all who will hear in obedience to God’s commands which they themselves follow with their whole hearts.

Purpose Statement:

The YFDM is the Purpose -Driven Ministry established to serve the children, youth and young-adults of the St Paul Baptist Church by establishing programs and events that fulfill the purpose of Worship, Ministry, Discipleship, Fellowship, and Ministry in accordance with the Great Commission. (Matthew 28:30-31) and Great Commandments (Mark 12:30-31)


Mark 10:16 – And he took them up in his arms, put [his] hands upon them, and blessed them.

Ministry Leaders:

Rev. David L. Johnson, Children & Youth Minister

Deacon Royce Dawkins

Sis. Vivian Jones

About Us:

The YFDM – Youth Fellowship Discipleship Ministry was established in 2000. The Ministry is structured around bibical principle that helps to shape how it approaches ministry, theologically, relationally, structurally.

The YFDM Ministry oversees the overall direction and health of the entire ministry. It’s primary purpose is to support in anyway possible the needs of the leaders as they perform their God given tasks.

The YFDM has several specialized groups that aid in this endeavor.

  • Gifts of God Nursey Ministry
  • Gifts of God Childrens Ministry
  • Made In Christ Youth Ministry
  • Made In Christ Young-Adult Ministry
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