Weekly Calendar


7:45 AM               Early Morning Worship
9:30 AM               Sunday School
                            Young Women’s Council
10:15 AM             2nd Worship Service
                            Baptism (2nd worship service)
                            Communion (2nd worship service)


6:45 PM               Expression of Praise Choir Rehearsal


11:30 AM             Mid-Day Bible Study
5:30 PM               Mission I (1st & 3rd Wed.)
5:45 PM               Mission II (2nd & 3rd Wed.)
6:30 PM               Prayer & Testimony Service
7:00 PM               Bible Study
7:00 PM               Family Prayer & Praise (Last Wed. Monthly)
8:00 PM               Women’s Min. Meeting & Bible Lesson (Last Wed. Monthly)
8:00 PM               Brotherhood (Last Wed. Monthly
8:00 PM               Dance Ministry Rehearsal (as scheduled)


8:30   AM             Prayer Ministry (Last Sat. Monthly)                                                                                                                                                                  9:00   AM             Women’s Ministry Fellowship (3rd Sat. Monthly)
10:00 AM             Deaconess Ministry (1st Sat. Monthly)                                                                                                                                                                11:00 AM             Sub-Teen & Teen Ushers (1st & 2nd Sat)
1:00   PM             Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal (Sat. leading up to 2nd & 4th Sun.)
TBA                     Voices of Victory Choir Rehearsal


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