Gifts of God Children’s Ministry

Mission Statement:

To engage children in the all encompassing love of God and of one another as they fulfull the mission of bringing all who will hear in obedience to God's Commands which themselves follow with their whole hearts.

Purpose Statement:

As Gifts of God we exist to show that God is GREAT, we are IMPORTANT, make FRIENDS with christians be TAUGHT God's Word, and tell others how they can be SAVED.


Psalms 127:3 (Message) Don't you see that children are God's best gift, the fruit of the womb his generous legacy.

Ministry Leaders:

Rev. David Johnson, Children & Youth Minister

Sis. Alecia Christopher & Sis. Linda Crawford, Directors

About Us:

The Children Ministry has primary responsibility for overseeing the needs of children ages 0 to the 6th grade. This ministry has its own purpose statement that coincides with the five purposes of the church and a couple of specialize ministries to meet the needs of the children at St. Paul Baptist Church.

The Children's Ministry has been given a unique name to identify this group. (Gift Of God) This name was adopted from one of the books of the Bible Psalms 127:3. In recognizing this scripture the Children Ministry are handling the most rare and precious possessions given to man...Children...Gift of God.

This Ministry has specialized groups that are put in place to meet the needs of this ministry.

  • The Nursery Ministry whom serves children aging from 0 to 4 years of age.
  • The Children's Church whom serves children aging from 0 to 6th grade.
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