This historical memoirs of the St. Paul Baptist Church reflect back to February 9, 1952.
The Rev. C. D. Knight and sixty-three parishioners assembled themselves in Christian
fellowship to organize the St. Paul Baptist Church. In support of these endeavors the
following groups of gospel clergymen were present: Rev. R. C. McNeal, Rev. S. A.
Armstrong and Rev. M. G. Solomon.

The new Bethel Baptist Church graciously extended an invitation to St. Paul Baptist
Church to worship with them until a place of worship could be secured. St. Paul Baptist
Church professed an eagerness to grow. After a few months, the Midway Baptist Church,
pastored by Rev. W. C. Barnes was secured for worship in August of 1953; the property at
1600 Pear Street was purchased, which included a house and a parsonage. The church
remained grateful for the blessings of Christ Jesus, but the facilities were not adequate to
meet the needs of the church. On October 13, 1963, St. Paul entered into its present

On February 7, 1988, Rev. M. V. Henderson (Associate Minister) was installed as Pastor
of the St. Paul Baptist Church. A vast host of local Clergymen of the city were present for
the Installation Services. The church family continued to increase under Pastor
Henderson’s leadership.

In March of 1991, the New Educational structure was dedicated to the loving memory of
our late Pastor, Rev. C. D. Knight. The new structure included 10 classrooms, lounging
areas (men and women), fellowship hall, library (named in honor of our present Pastor,
Rev. Lelious A. Johnson); the parking facility adjacent to the facility was also dedicated.

On July 7, 1992, Rev. Lelious A. Johnson was called to pastor the St. Paul Baptist
Church. He assumed his pastoral duties on August 2, 1992 and delivered his first sermon.
Along with Pastor Johnson came his lovely and devoted wife, Sis. Carlette Johnson and
their four daughters: Rachel, Tabitha, Christina and Anna. The installation Serive for
Pastor Johnson was held on November 29, 1992. Rev. G. W. Pryor (New Birth Baptist
Church) conducted the Installation Service. Rev. C. B. T. Smith (Gold Gate Baptist
Church) delivered the Installation Message.

St. Paul Baptist Church Ministries are: Adult Ushers, Arts In Praise (Performing Arts),
Audio/Video, Brotherhood, Deacons, Deaconess, Evangelism, Expressions of Praise Choir,
Foreign Mission, Hospitality, Library, Male Chorus, Marriage Ministry, Ministry of Love,
Mission I, Mission II, Outreach, Prison Ministry, Publicity, Sanctuary Choir, Sign Language,
Sunday School, Voices of Hope & Voices of Victory Choirs, Website Ministry,
Women’s Ministry, Young Women’s Council, Youth Ministry and Usher Board.

In April of 2000 (Easter Sunday), our 8:00 am Sunday Worship Service was established.
The church is presently experiencing tremendous growth both spiritually and numerically, to
the glory of God. It is our goal to driven by purpose.

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